Bringing global best practices in derivatives market structure to Canada.

Building an infrastructure designed to support the growing level of international capital flow

tFOSE Propretiary Indices

  • IOSCO compliant Index Administrators for established market Indices
  • IOSCO compliant Administrators/Calculators for tFOSE proprietary Indices
  • Global best practice standards in index governance
  • Will follow International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) Principles for Financial Benchmarks
  • Will be transparent, robust and use rules-driven index construction methodologies
  • Methodology documents are constructed and maintained with the following prime objectives in mind:
    • Representativeness
    • Replicability
    • Investability
  • tFOSE will use a global IOSCO compliant Index Calculator – no in-house calculation will be performed
  • tFOSE does not collect or process data for index creation
  • Data  input provided that is not  regulated  is subject to IOSCO Principles
  • Key tenets are Security, Integrity and Availability
  • Index and Data Providers are required to have primary and secondary data centers and be geographically separated and continuously monitored
  • High-performance, resilient and scalable platforms
  • Network architecture that provides redundant paths for all connections
  • A Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan