Launching in Q4, 2020 subject to regulatory approval



January 15, 2020

CONTACT: Jim Davies

EVP, Corporate Development

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“Why the Fintech industry is taking notice of tFOSE”

New derivatives exchange and their clearinghouse promises to deliver global liquidity to underserved asset classes for Canadians

January 15, 2020 – Toronto, Canada –     Toronto Futures Options Swaps Exchange Group Holdings Inc., which operates as tFOSE, is the new kid in town and they’re digital presence plans to be faster, more robust, and provide more liquidity, which may seem more like the schoolyard bully but the Fintech industry is taking notice, and wanting to be friends instead.

The Toronto based derivatives exchange selected Canada because their access to talent, and the right niche clientele that have been wanting their underserved assets seen back to Canada.

While the organization is still subject to the necessary regulatory approvals, tFOSE is cautious and won’t prematurely launch a product yet. “We’re making sure we meet regularly with our regulatory partners and are specific about the mandates. Plan ahead because when we’re ready to launch we want to get it right the first time,” said Daju Gu, COO, tFOSE.

tFOSE has plans to meet global market demand across various underlying assets such as China A-Shares, Real Estate, Crypto, and other emerging markets.

Beattie joins tFOSE as their CEO after executive roles at both CIBC World Markets and RBC Capital Markets, tasked with the daunting regulatory approval process. Davies, also hailing from standout organizations like IRESS, Dow Jones, S&P, and Reuters, will focus on the development of their three lines of business – tFOSE Exchange; tFOSE Clear; and tFOSE Technologies.

“This team is launching a new exchange within Canada, which is being well received by eager investors, but they do face real barriers,” said tFOSE Advisor, Marina Kapustin, “however, I joined as an advisor because their (tFOSE’s) leadership team showed not just promise in their skill set, but when you combine them they’re a force with great synergy.”

Alongside Beattie and Davies, the organization also secured Haiying Yu who admits that originally, she was not excited about derivative exchanges anymore. “I agreed to help out on a temporary basis but after working with this team and understanding how we’re about to disrupt the derivatives exchange marketplace I knew this was where I belong. It’s not hard to see the writing on the wall – the market needs a major change, one that makes derivative products more accessible, and this team is set up to do that.”

You won’t find tFOSE rushing to launch derivative products; with Gu onboard the team promises to be thorough on their research and product development. “We’re creating a vertically integrated and all-inclusive derivatives exchange operation. With many moving parts we can’t be afraid to voice our opinions. We were each brought on because of our expertise so we won’t waste that knowledge at every discussion.”

About tFOSE Group Holdings Inc.

tFOSE is an entrepreneurial driven derivatives exchange and clearinghouse, accessing liquidity for Canadian investors through unique investment products (subject to regulatory approval). tFOSE Group Holdings Inc. is comprised of three operating companies:

tFOSE Exchange Inc. – Providing liquidity and hedging solutions on unique alternative assets;

tFOSE Clear Inc. – Driving an entrepreneurial and technologically advanced model for derivatives clearing;

tFOSE Technologies Inc. – Providing original educational tools and seamless client services by leveraging meaningful partnerships.