tFOSE is a new derivatives exchange and clearinghouse (subject to regulatory approval) that will build innovative products, unlock global liquidity and expand investor choices.

Launching in 2022, Subject to Regulatory Approval

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Implementing a market structure designed to reward volume in securities of all frequencies

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Creating a robust Canadian derivatives exchange and clearinghouse that offers cost-efficient & unique client driven products

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Attracting global liquidity for the benefit of domestic and international market participants

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Building a trusted, regulated and transparent marketplace

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Designing new investment products as industry sectors evolve

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Improving the derivatives trading experience by offering cash-settled and foreign exchange neutral solutions

Meet Our Team

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James Beattie, CEO

Respected risk capital specialist, business interventionist, and trading executive

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Jim Davies, EVP, Corporate Development

Market technology and business development executive in Canada and USA

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Madeline H Yu, CFO

Experienced Chartered Accountant and private investment fund advisor

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Daju Gu, COO, Clearing & Group CTO

Financial technology expert with in-depth risk management knowledge

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Albert Kovacs, COO, Trading

Trusted and respected Canadian market structure practitioner

John Fennell, Chief Risk Officer

Derivatives clearing expert serving various instrumental roles at the world’s largest options clearinghouse

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Randee Pavalow, General Counsel & CCO

Legal and regulatory leader with Canadian exchange building experience

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Winville Larcher, SVP, Client Management

Trading executive with extensive knowledge of Canadian financial institutions


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Rik Parkhill, Corporate Strategy Advisor (Clariti Strategic Advisors)

Senior corporate strategic with experience managing international banks, brokers and exchanges

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Roger Warner, Sr. Clearing Advisor

Clearing specialist with expertise in business operations, project management, and IT

Press Releases & News

tFOSE Signs Multi-Year Deal with BNC / July 14, 2020

Randee Pavalow – Press Release

Governance & Structure

tFOSE Group Holdings Inc. employs the expertise of a globally experienced management team and operations staff with strong backgrounds in all aspects of capital markets. With this vast array of knowledge, the tFOSE team is well positioned to satisfy the goal of creating a vertically integrated and all-inclusive derivatives exchange operation offering three main business segments:

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