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November 25, 2019

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EVP, Corporate Development

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“tFOSE Group Holdings Inc. Announces James Beattie as CEO”

Fintech Business Leader to champion exchange through regulatory approval process

November 1, 2019 – Toronto, Canada – Toronto Futures Options Swaps Exchange Group Holdings Inc., which operates as tFOSE, announced the appointment of James Beattie as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). A recognized leader in financial services, Beattie brings a vast experience in bank-owned platforms, risk capital management, investment banking, trading, and business strategy for entrepreneurs.

“Convincing James (Beattie) to join us took some time,” said Bill Hong Ye, Founder, tFOSE. “His robust experience is unique because of how diverse his career has been, with a number of directions he could have chosen instead. We’re excited to have him at our helm.”

Beattie’s initial focus is two-fold – spearheading tFOSE’s efforts to pass the regulatory scrutiny to launch the company’s exchange and clearing house; and securing additional capital investment to further develop their digital platform. “James (Beattie) has developed a career identifying the problems in the market and then consistently providing solutions,” says tFOSE EVP, Corporate Development, Jim Davies.  “That’s how tFOSE organically started, which is why he was right for the position.”

Beattie joins tFOSE after a career working on various banking platforms with major Canadian institutions. He then transitioned into the start-up entrepreneurial environment, identifying winning strategies and assisting them with their access to capital funds. Throughout his career, Beattie focused on identifying innovative value propositions, their unique business models, and working with founders who possess a certain passion and discipline.

“(tFOSE) We are truly different because the demand for our products, our exchange, for our clearing house, it’s all driven out of an organic community need,” said Beattie. “That community was founded and is based here in Toronto, which brings a significant amount of stability because of our exposure to the financial markets. While at the same time, we’re listening to a global community with liquidity and access needs that aren’t being met yet. To be part of an organization that collaborates with the market and is based in investor education means we’ll build a technology platform that advances our industry.”

About tFOSE Group Holdings Inc.

tFOSE is an entrepreneurial driven derivatives exchange and clearinghouse, accessing liquidity for Canadian investors through unique investment products (subject to regulatory approval). tFOSE Group Holdings Inc. is comprised of three operating companies:

tFOSE Exchange Inc. – Providing liquidity and hedging solutions on unique alternative assets;

tFOSE Clear Inc. – Driving an entrepreneurial and technologically advanced model for derivatives clearing;

tFOSE Technologies Inc. – Providing original educational tools and seamless client services by leveraging meaningful partnerships.